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Hi, I'm Nandini!
Welcome to my lands of addiction!

“An ambivert girl from the City of Lakes is into writing because she yearns to let her feelings spill like flowing water.”

I never believed in oral reciprocation of feelings as I allowed it be buried deep inside. Neither, I laid my confidence in journalizing. It was formed as an introspective battle between the brainy and emotional contexts.

So, being a writer was an accident for me. My stay in the newly visited St. Bedes College unfolded the hidden talents and emerged me as the ‘Writer Of My Paradisiacal Life’. 

I started as a poetess and slowly developed as an influencer. Being a mental health advocate, I love to write about positivity, relationships, and healthy lifestyle.

My inspiration is my mother who happens to be the narrator of my penned tales and my strength is my father who lays the soft stones for my heavenly path.


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