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Can long distance relationships work? Will it have a spark to make the connection survive with the same intensity? Will online connection give you the same jitters like you’ve met each other? We’ve so many doubts and concerns when it comes down to the survival of long distance relationships which are genuine and obvious. But I believe, we should not let our hopes die before even trying and this is what my blog is for.

I firmly believe if we wish something to happen positively, it will! All we need is to be prepared and have a consistent mindset. And, here your mindset will largely be influenced by love. So, how to keep your love and spark alive in long distance relationship? Here are some tips and suggestions which you can try one-by-one or whenever you thing that it may work ^_^

1. Avoid communication when you’ve nothing to share. This will help you to keep away from disinterest and incuriosity. The primary thing in a relationship is to have a healthy and romantic conversation. Meaningless and dull conversations can make you believe that it’s not working out; it’s turning out to be monotonous. You need to have a balance of sweet and spice in your conversation and that is possible only when you’ve good topics to discuss over. PS: Topics aren’t meant to be politics or environment; it should be more about you and your relationship.

2. Don’t depend solely on technology: No doubt, technology is a boon for long distance relationship couples but sometimes, it’s just not enough. You need to remind your partner’s presence to yourself physically and vice versa. Place some unforgettable or the most lovable gifts near you. It could be a frame or simply a borrowed shirt with their perfume’s fragrance. Both of you need to make each other feel that you are just around.

3. Don’t stop, keep moving: There would be reasons that why you’re in a long distance relationship. It simply might be geographical, career or job opportunities, family reasons and so on. Respect those reasons but never make them your barricades. You’ve to spend life together which doesn’t mean you can’t live a life that’s meant for you. Personally, you can build your social connections, work on your career, improve your lifestyle and do whatever makes you a happy and improved. Instead of waiting for your partner aimlessly, wait for him/her with an improvised version. That makes a lot of difference in your maturity and development in your relationship.

4. Sometimes, it’s all about mindset: There might be times when you’d feel negative about the circumstances you are in. You might want to give up because of the distance that’s eating you up. But, in the end, even you know that it’s just a phase or a mood swing that will eventually go. But how to tackle with it? Think of the times when you were initially in a relationship. Think of the times when you liked your partner. Think of the times that gave you reasons to choose him/her. Go back to the memory lane and reminisce your bond. It works, slowly yet gradually.

5. Trust-The foundation of your relationship: Trust is the foundation of your relationship whether you’re together or are in a long distance. But it happens to play an underlined role in long distance relationships. You’re far away and you can’t check upon each other every moment. You need to trust to what he/she says. In fact, you should be convinced to stay against your doubts. Trust goes both ways, you need to earn it as well as have it in your partner, be it in intimacy or emotionally.

6. Continue to have minor conversations: Never lose your contacts for days and weeks. In a short while, have a connect and be aware about each other’s whereabouts. Keep your emotional connection alive. If you allow larger gaps to pass by, your everyday experiences will turn pale, and you will have to start from scratch every time you speak. Focus on little things that make two humans a couple. It might be your moments you wish to spend together, your likes/dislikes, your shopping plans, and so on.

7. Do the same things at same time: This will turn out to be romantic and you’d feel yourselves together. The distance won’t seem a barricade to you then. While doing stuff together, stay connected on call so that you can note and experience each other’s expressions. Together you can cook, read a romantic blog/book, watch a TV show/movie, learn an activity, take up a couple quiz, play online games, sleep over calls and so on.

8. Don’t be irrational while having a conversation/argument: Don’t give up and end up the conversation while you’re having an argument. You both have opinions and you both have the right to explain your parts. Instead of being irrational, maturely listen to each other and come down to a conclusion. If you fail to do so, then choose to end up the topic, not your communication because it’s the only element that’s saving your relationship in a long distance.

9. Have reasonable expectations: Every kind of relationship needs your efforts and understanding, whether it’s a long distance or a nearby. If you’re ready to give in this part of you, then you can face the problems, roadblocks and issues in your relationship. If you’re able to adjust and compromise with them then you’re able to move ahead in your relationship. Therefore, you need to be reasonable with the expectations and equally give in your best.

10. Don’t underestimate thoughtful surprises: You partner takes the pain and effort to surprise you with a new yet romantic thing; never disregard them. It’s a sign of big turn off. Your partner would expect appreciation and love out of you when he puts in a bit of himself/herself to impress you and cheer up your day. Remember these good things instead of ignoring them.

11. Change is inevitable: Long distance relationships are prior to changes. Due to change in living spaces, there’s a lot that can change one’s thinking process. So, it’s always suggested to be prepared for the changes in the behaviour and attitude of the person as well as the dynamics of your relationship. This will help you to sustain and be willing about the fact that yes, there are chances of things happening like this.

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