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Life is full of experiences and we all have a defined process of dealing with certain situations after a point of time. Many philosophers and philanthropists have laid out their own versions of happy living and here's what I've to share in the form of laws I developed:

1. Law of Accomplishments: Accomplishments are always attained at heights which have a lot of trek and hurdles involved. Never be afraid of reaching greater heights, it might seem difficult and dangerous at beginning but it's exciting, adventurous, and satisfying at the same time.

2. Law of Opposition Thinking: Whenever a negative or an undesirable thought occupies your mind, replace it with a positive one. Mind can hold only one thought at a time and the moment you replace every displeasing thought with a pleasing one, you'll be able to attain positive attitude.

3. Law of Controlling Thoughts: You do not have to control the thoughts that enter your mind, instead you need to control the importance you give to a thought. You do not have to necessarily pay equal attention to every thought & dissect it one by one. If not followed, it leads to overthinking.

4. Law of Positivity: If you allow positive thoughts to enter your mind, you will move towards the highest aspects of peace. You'll be capable to choose the response you've to showcase for a particular event. It’s all about how you let your mind perceive.

5. Law of Walking Away: Everything isn't about proving a point & justifying your truth. Sometimes, you need to leave things where they're and walk away with the facts that it's okay if we can't change the perspective or convince about our choices. Walking away from things is not weakness, instead it's a way of making your head strong about your self-worth and it's importance for justification.

6. Law of Thinking: You attract what you think. The more your ideologies are, the more positive your aura is. If you're able to control your conscious thought patterns you'd be able to bring a drastic change in your life that will be in your favor.

6. Law of Self Improvement & Personal Expansion: You need to strive work for your inner self to bring out the best in your outer self. You have to constant with never-ending improvement. It's a matter of being a master of your own self by attaining discipline, positivity, power and energy. This will help you achieve what you wish to have in outer world.

7. Law of Sacrifice: We need to define what we need the most and when we do that, we understand the concept of sacrificing a thing for the one you need / desire more. A very simple example is that if we want to have success in our life we need to sacrifice our time and efforts to attain the desired skills.

8. Law of Receptivity: The way you will respond to your surroundings, that will be the way you'll control the happenings in your life, i.e., destiny. Every minute, every second, you perceive a thought and how you will respond to it will reflect your inner world affecting your outer world.

9. Law of Receiving: It's always a process of giving and receiving. In order to have something, you should be willing to give something. However, priorities are required to designed. You shouldn't be obsessive for receiving something that takes a lot from you in return. Always remember, how much we receive is determined by how much we allow it.

10. Law of Pain: To bear pain you need to go through it. Till the time you don't know the feeling of pain, you won't be able to receive the sweet flavours from comfort and happiness.

11. Law of Opportunity: The best opportunities you can avail is out of your failures and painful experiences. To extract the best out of it, you should have the courage to acknowledge and nourish them.

12. Law of Detachment: Here you're flexible with your relationships and emotions. You won't impose a person to stay with you if he / she doesn't want to. You offer complete freedom to you and your partner to make your respective choices. Detachment also considers to be free from emotional opinions where you may believe that you're right.

13. Law of Challenge: We define our own limits but when we tend to challenge those limits we get out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown. For example, if you have the capacity to work (on anything) for 1 hour, challenge yourself by exceeding to 1.5 hours. This way you'll learn to push your limits and unlock your mental and physical resources.

14. Law of Courage: The amount of courage you will have describes the amount of satisfaction you attain in life. This is because courage allows you do whatever you thinks is right and ultimately, you can grab control over the unwanted things.

Do drop down in comments that which law will you be applying in your life and which new law you want to be included in this blog.

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