• Nandini Goel


Life is all about failing, learning, and experiencing and none of them is easy. So, here I’m listing down 25 quotes on life which have been garnered over all these three and maybe, you may relate to them and feel motivated.

1. Everyone wants to fly. My advice is to first learn to walk. One stair at a time.

2. You need to realize that who is more important for you in your own lives. You or others?

3. When you assume something that it is negative, then you build a perception in your mind that seems to be permanent. But it isn’t always true that the frame you build in your mind was the same as you thought.

4. Stop blaming yourself that you weren’t in your control. You did what you wished to.

5. Everything can be simplified and everything can be complicated. What’s your choice?

6. Sometimes, we act so stupid in our relationships but when we see the same situation in other relationships, we find it weird. We need to realize that we're very subjective when it comes to us.

7. Sometimes, casual friends are better than close friends.

8. Starting fresh doesn’t always mean to start your life from point zero. Sometimes, it’s also means to resume the good things and discontinue the toxic ones with fresh minds.

9. Maturity isn’t about not to express your emotions. It’s about handling your emotions well.

10. Either accept it or speak about it. Don’t stay in unclear, confused and create a chaos for yourself.

11. Every simple thing seems so complicated that in the pile of huge misunderstandings, the true love gets lost somewhere.

12. Listen to understand and not to react.

13. No one is perfect but unique.

14. Mistakes happen. It’s natural. Learn to accept it and move on.

15. Come and settle at a point where your good overrules the bad.

16. Instead of panicking, we sometimes need to sit and relax. We need to wait for the best solution to come out of silence.

17. Stop doing everything to prove something.

18. Stop thinking about how to control your future because it can be made and not thought about.

19. Stress is inevitable but reactions aren’t. We can say that stress about some particular situations does manipulates our mental mind but the reactions towards it can be for they are our choices.

20. Everything can’t be learnt at an instant. It needs time and no matter what, time races on. That is what time is meant for – learning and experiencing gradually. In other words, it would be wiser to say if your time goes in productive work then it is well spent!

21. When the other person is impatient to talk; be patient to listen.

22. Expect only those things which you’re ready to expect from others.

23. Stop blaming for everything. Move on with solutions. Accepting, letting go, and ignoring are also some solutions that we fail to implement.

24. If you can’t take decisions for yourself, then don’t expect that you’ve a point.

25. There’s no point of holding onto the things that are broken and give cuts to your body.

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