• Nandini Goel


I believe when a couple is in a long distance relationship, there comes a point when they find it hard to what to talk about. They genuinely wish to build their communication and nourish their connection just like the couples in real world but they’re so overwhelmed by the distance that they fail to connect more often. They feel that without being monotonous what they can talk about and are able to sprout the passion of having a conversation after every small gap.

So, here I am listing some ideas that might become an interesting part of your conversation:

1. Discuss what kind of relationship you both want. Here, you would be discovering new about each other. You’d be able to judge each other’s likes and dislikes in an exceptional manner. You would know that what makes your partner happy. This can help you to plan some little surprises for everyday of togetherness.

2. This is the best opportunity to share your fears and doubts where you can honestly confide in your weak points. Building trust on these matters will help you to stand by each other. Whenever at low points, your partner could lift you up and make you feel comfortable in his / her company. This is supporting each other even over distance.

3. Talk about your future plans and the things you wish to explore with each other. This gives you a feeling of being with each other for eternity that helps you to converse about your future relationship, hopes, and dreams.

4. You can keep a contact with each other by pursuing common interests. Try new things that can be interesting, engaging and act as a common ground to talk about. This way you can talk-do-talk. You will have many reasons and things to discuss over which will help you to go deep in each other personalities. Also, another advantage of doing this activity is that you’ll remember each other when you’re into it and think that what the other would be experiencing or wanting.

5. Talk about your goals, job priorities and success plans. Instead of shunning it off, you should look for its solutions. Being in long distance relationship, you would have developed different priorities and work plans according to your geographic areas. Tend to talk about it and find your common grounds.

6. Can’t match up to each other schedules? So, make videos and share it with your partner. If not a video, then record an audio and share the details of your day. You can either make short cute videos of how much you miss your partner or you could simply share about what you’d want to when you were on call.

7. Try out creative communication like memes, gifs, stickers, and pictures.

8. Yeah, you cannot combat the desire of physical connection but you can always send your love and warmth through physical gifts that would remind your partner of you.

9. There are various couple apps that are floating over web. They might be games, quizzes, personalised scrapbooks and so on. Download and enrol yourself in them and make your conversation creative.

Do let me know what worked the best for you. Also, if you’ve any other creative ideas, feel free to comment below and let our tribe know!

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