• Nandini Goel


Mother’s love is eternal and mortal. It can’t be replaced, diminished or forgotten. If we wish to feel the love of our mother then its satisfaction can be availed only by embracing her.

Journey begins all alone

Away from my mommy.

Though surrounded with my cohorts

In the halls of brainery,

But all in all I am with my shadow.

Throe of being at the end of rainbow,

Has begun its race.

As the dim-witted bouncing of ball

Will never permit me to withhold my Creator.

Me and myself on the way of solitary journey,

Commenced with lyceum

Prolonged with adieu after my wedlock.

Awful about taking the yolk of albatross;

Suspectful of being as paradisiacal as my Origin.

Journey begins all alone

Away from my mommy.

Petrified about the deserted journey

But entrusted on being my mommy's girl.


This is the first poem I wrote in my writing career. I was inspired to write this when I was asked to submit a piece for my college newspaper. The theme is ‘homesickness’ and how I miss my mother when I'm off to hostel. I wonder that would I be able to spend anymore quality time with her as I have stepped out of my shell and in coming times, I would only be a visitor there.

It’s a free verse where I used metaphors to describe my emotions. Like: I am with my shadow, Albatross, Origin and so on.

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