• Nandini Goel


What is ego? We often say that a lot of times to define a person but tend to forget to talk about its solution. We blame and move on but ever wondered what should we say to ourselves or others when in ego?

We as humans forget to understand the concept of bending down, adjusting, and staying down to earth. We forget the meaning of remodeling ourselves to stay consistently dedicated to our relationships and even our personal development.

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Do you remember how you learnt to ride a bicycle? You fell and got up. Have you observed the farmers while they harvest the crops? They have to bend down and cut the crops. What do you do while you’re studying? Bend and then look into the books. For taking the blessings from our parents or God we bend down or lower our heads. Even the colossal trees bend during the storms to save themselves. So, what examples are we focusing at that draws us to ego?

We feel adjusting or lowering down to someone else’s needs is decreasing the validity of our esteemed personality but staying down to earth isn’t something that dulls your personality. Instead, you’ll raise above all the flaws that abandon you from your true happiness.

We need to understand that none of us can achieve something while we’re serving our self-image. Instead, we can achieve all the happiness in world with the art of adjustment. Being so won’t harm your self-respect but it will only reflect your kindness and generosity towards other humans.

Always remember, “You do not need wings to fly in a human world. By the art of adjustment you can achieve a higher position in someone’s respect list.”

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