• Kajal Gautam


One of the current trending movies on Netflix, Axone is a sheer mixture of bondings, craziness, comedy, and the willingness to go off the limits for friendship. The movie is directed by Nicholas Kharkongor and starring Sayani Gupta, Vinay Pathak, Lin Laishram, Dolly Ahluwalia has premiered in London Film Festival 2019. It has been shot in New Delhi and is a story of three migrant north-eastern girls who also share an apartment and one of them is getting married. The film revolves around the chaotic scenarios where Upasana (Sayani Gupta) and Chanbi (Lin Laihram) try to find every possible way to cook pork (pungent delicacy) in their house for their best friend’s marriage party.

The film shows the struggle of north-eastern girls and people in New Delhi and how difficult it is to sometimes cope up with the harsh truth in a very light and fluent manner. The film also gives us a glimpse of the north-eastern tradition and cultures. The movie concludes with a strong message that leaves us to question ourselves and is a must-watch for every individual.

Rating 4 / 5

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