• Kajal Gautam

Class of ‘83

A Red Chillies Entertainment production, directed by Atul Sabharwal focuses on the training of cops in the early ’80s and then move towards their journey to destroy the evil. The concept and theme of the film are well established and portrayed like any other action-drama with an essence of reality. The movie stars Bobby Deol as Dean Vijay Singh who undoubtedly has done some great work in the movie, and then focus shifts to the five students (Hitesh Bhojraj, Sameer Paranjape, Ninad Mahajani, Prithvik Pratap, Bhupendra Jadawat) of Vijay Singh who specialize in encounters but get away with an inquiry as they are brilliantly trained by the Dean.

The movie takes you to the 80s which was done quite well. Other cast members like Anoop Soni, Joy Sengupta and, Vishwajeet Pradhan weren’t on-screen much frequently but with the limited screen time, the actors were able to create an impact and build a connection with the viewers.

Though the movie is a good combination of action, drama, suspense but, it lacked in some places, like the pace of the movie was slow. And the cinematic action-drama we are acquainted in India has a much more drama like the use of cinematic language to add meaning to scenes. Factors like these were absent in the movie. While certain scenes in the movie were remarkable.

Ratings - 3/5

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