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Human life is loaded up with contrasting dilemmas. There’s always a perplex thought that whether one should carry on with a basic life by adhering to ethics or should he/she ascend to attain social status through betrayals and dishonesty? This question has involved discussion in open life as well as inside the brains of people. The book 'The Fisher Queen's Dynasty' by Kavita Kané catches this situation through the character of Satyavati, the fisher-young lady who proceeded to turn into a sovereign.

Context’s Importance:

The account of Satyavati, Devvrat/Bhishm and Shantanu is notable. The general and short introduction to the incomparable Indian epic Mahabharata is done by clarifying the existence of Pandu and Dhritarashtra. But the key job of Satyavati in the forming the fate of Hastinapur isn't discussed and portrayed. Kavita Kané investigates this story inside and out.

Plot and Writing Style:

The creator's portrayal of Satyavati is estimable. Kavita could catch her magnificence, desire, helplessness and distress over the span of the book. I should credit the creator for uncovering the crude aspiration of Satyavati at various spots of the story.

The writer has additionally investigated the subject of sensuality in the book. The advancement of Shantanu and Satyavati's dramatic relationship was brought out well in her book. Her skin colour added to the depth in writer’s narration.

Family dramas preceding the marriage of Shantanu and Satyavati, the hesitance of the castle and individuals to acknowledge her as a sovereign and her capacity to suffer everything have been managed in extraordinary detail. The story doesn't move as quickly as it does in the primary portion of the book in the subsequent half. In any case, it dives further into the complexities of illustrious life and inward logical inconsistencies of Satyavati and Bhishm. The direction of the story moves in accordance with the ascent and fall of Satyavati's fortunes and Bhishm's feeling of vision.


The book is an excellent scrutiny of human contrasting logics in dilemmas. The happenings of these logical inconsistencies prompts calamity for the royalties of Hastinapur. The past and crux of the saga couldn’t be explained in better ways. What's more, in this manner, it is a book worth the time of any mythology fiction lover.

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