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- First Independent Victory

Introduction: It’s a nation-chauvinistic movie which has been revolved around the true incidents plotted during the era of India’s Independence. It portrays India’s first Independent Win in the form of a Gold Medal bagged at the 1948 Olympics in London. The main aim represented was to take an ultimate revenge from Britishers in their form of Sports in their own Land.

Analytics: Gold’s setup in Indian Independence History showcases the feelings of compassion and high spiritedness. The pride outstandingly demonstrated when the Nation’s Flag whirled eminent in sky and the diversified coloured crowd hummed Jana Gana Mana, it enhanced the patriotism in the hearts of millions. A major Victory was demanded by India as it had to prove its dominance in the Hockey Sport even after British Rule. A complete spirit of efforts was put into stake by each member of the team for the sake of Nation’s Pride.

Story: The story began with the Victory of India in the World Hockey Match. The team was governed by British Rule and was consecutively called known as British India. Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar), a Junior Bengali Manager of British Hockey Team, was determined to form a free India’s Hockey Team which would defeat the Britishers in 1948 Olympics at their own soil and hankered to see his Nation’s Flag twirl high in the lands of Britishers.

It’s a story that takes back to Indian History and describes every moment with deep innervation. Akshay Kumar’s performance was led by the perfect balance of ecstasy, comicality and determination. Not only him but the entire cast made justice to their roles. Kunal Kapoor offered a stable and sturdy performance as the Coach of Hockey Team. Vineet Kumar Singh promoted depth in his character. Amit Sadh prominently characterised the role of Prince and undoubtedly carried it out with grace. Sunny Kaushal was fierce but was also connected with his nation and delivered each of his emotion with perfectness. Mouni Roy did the best as per the role she was assigned with.

The costumes were apt and the plotting of incidents was up to the mark. Technicalities like cinematography, background music and so on showed a piece of impeccability. This movie wasn’t just about Hockey but it was about India’s first Victory. It was also about the deep pain and sufferings caused at the time of India-Pakistan Partition.

The first half could be more precise as there was a detailed introduction of each player made. Also, it could be more narrative in the terms of Partition Plight and each Olympic Match played by India.

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