• Nandini Goel


People say good movies aren’t made in Bollywood! If that’s something people look forward to (meaningful and related to society); then why this movie is rated so low by the audience?

· A movie based on man v/s wild showcased the importance of locals’ emotions and nature’s preservation. The plot was itself very different form the typical genres like romance, drama, action, and comedy. In my opinion, it portrayed ‘real realism’.

· Perfect picturization of ruralness, police inspection and acknowledgement to the village. It seemed like you’re into real people and not actors.

· The dialogues, screenplay, angles visualization, and everything related to technicalities added on to the story which made the plot believable and ‘very’ real. Cinematography is top-notch as 75% of the movie is shot in the jungle area making the story dive into its originality.

· A documentary type of storytelling that reflects amazing research on the tracking of the tigers, tiger census and naming of the tiger. This made it all seem so realistic!

· The movie might seem slow but it if wouldn’t have been at this pace then the real essence would have been lost.

· Instead of creating it a women oriented movie, this movie stayed connected to the roots of wildlife preservation. Moments of woman-protagonistic ideologies were highlighted but it never overshadowed the real cause. Sherni is both metaphorical and literal which makes it even special.

· The ending (spoiler alert!) is abrupt that leaves you with a lot of overwhelming emotions and interpretations.

But yes, the ones who might not like this movie is because of their expectations of having an action packed thriller where tigers could be seen running all over the film. This film had the documentary style of storytelling which leaves an impact on people who loves to resonate with the causes that root historically and deeply in the system.

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