• Nandini Goel


Updated: May 17

What’s with you 2020? It’s not even half a year and you’ve taken a complete toll over our living style by showering creative natural disasters and most importantly ruining the concept of humanity. Not once, not twice but it’s been all over media, papers and digital platforms. It’s like you’ve planned to evacuate all the happy pages that could ever exist.

A 46-year old human cried to be spared for breath, but no one was there to listen to his cries. The onlookers asked those saviors to allow him to move but all they asked was to stop filming the fatal process. The neck was choked precisely for 8 minutes 46 seconds and it wasn’t enough. Mr. Chauvin, the police officer, wasn’t ready to remove his knee even after Mr. Floyd had lost consciousness, and for a full minute after paramedics arrived.

A pineapple exploded in the mouth of 15 year pregnant elephant and all it meant was for hunting. Without words, she survived for approximately 20 days, lastly standing in the river with unbearable pain and suffering, later discovered her lower jaw was completely wounded.

And all that people can do is to blame. They aren’t humans anymore; they are communists, racists and everything that’s inhuman and disrespectful to other living beings.

More than being concerned about their eradication from earth, they are finding out plans to degrade the other living organisms on earth. Human race is already getting wiped out because of COVID-19, cyclones, fires, and you never know that the next is an apocalypse! And, here people got an addition!

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