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Jeevan Sootra is a compilation of articles and poetry, based on different aspects of life. In all, it has 50 notions of self-belief that beautifully unfolds the secrets to a happy living.

My personal favorites are:

~ Maktub (Reminds me of Lord Krishna preachings)

~ Paint the Sky in your Own Colors (Reminds me of the movie The Sky is Pink)

~ Love You So Hard (Reminds me of my broken relationship and how I badly need self-healing)

~ My Parents (Reminds me to stay connected to my roots; my parents)

~ Ranchos don't shine in real (Yes, I'm not a big fan of the Indian Education System)

~ Ignorance is a bliss? (For me, a big YES)

Janhavi shares her personalized experience of pandemic depicting the way she led her life during these ups and downs. The best thing about this book is that it not only preaches about optimism but also tells (from a humanly experience) that where you are and can possibly go wrong. This makes the book relatable in every context as every chapter beholds a meaning that we must have encountered somewhere in our lives.

Jeevan Sootra, as the name suggests, is a collection of aphorisms relating to some aspect of the conduct of life. A must read self help book that will enhance your introspective qualities to make sure that you've a better understanding in your lives. The beautiful poetry helps you to find your way in utmost darkness. It's a 'natural' positive book that's all about improving your mental health by self-healing and self care. In addition to that, it compiles the beautiful meaning of art of letting go which is essential for every human being on this planet.

Buy your copy through Amazon or Notion Press and embark a beautiful journey towards mentally evolving yourself.

About Author:

The author 'Janhavi Joshi' is a young Delhi-based engineering student, who has had a great passion for writing since her childhood, and Jeevan Sootra is her very first book. Also a trained Kathak dancer, she has been associated with an NGO 'Wonders India', and has been an active volunteer throughout. As much as the book is, her story is also an inspiration to so many people who have been stuck in the corona times and have given up on their dreams due to insignificant barriers.

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