• Aashish M.


1. Remember the color yellow for the sun when it crosses the horizon and gradually rise, you'll find an unlimited joy like a burden, but you won't feel the weight of infinite rays striking your eyelash tips. You'll feel an immense happiness driven while your cells divide, desires divide and you'll realize that the things you thought you won't do will hold your hand and say 'you don't think it's for you' but 'look here'. Your joy will turn like a little boy hiding and giggling behind the door. This yellow color will continue to caress you with a catch.

2. It's summertime, sprinkle yellow lime in your margarita. Acidic lime will squeeze your weaknesses away and you'll embrace all that is within you (read: inner vision); you could reach the power you want. This yellow color is a color of self-love.

3. Grab a smiley ball and guess what, you're unruffled as it seems. At these moments, you must be thinking 'this must be living'. How do you explain to hear the sound of fallen daffodils inside? This yellow color is a color of happiness radiating from a flower to you.

4. Let your taste buds have maa's yellow ladoos and you'll be fascinated to know that it savors bumblebee stowing honey. You’ll equate ladoos equivalence to color yellow for a person being amiable or kind-hearted. This yellow color is a color which will personify kindness and redamancy.

5. Hearken to a beat and consider a color constituting to an instrument. Like yellow as a flute- very light, evoking happiness and joy, reminiscent of sunlight. This yellow color is a color of groove.

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