• Nandini Goel


We’ve heard a lot about yoga and meditation that helps in attaining peace of mind but we often struggle to be regular with it. This is because we need to learn how to focus. Anything that requires your stillness and time should be aided with concentration. For that, I am sharing some of my personal favorite tips that will help you to introspect and gather the focus to have your peace of mind:

1. Listening to calm music: While listening to soothing music, avoid doing any extra chores. Sit in a relaxing position and just drown yourself in its beats. This allows you to stay calm and find your lost focus. Listen to the music until it completely makes you feel relaxed.

2. Go for a walk in a garden / park: Sometimes, all you need is to step out of the house and inhale fresh air. You need such breaks to keep your blood pumping.

3. Acceptance: What’s the reason behind not attaining the peace of your mind? It’s because we are stressed and are holding on to a lot of things to change. You need to accept that certain things cannot be controlled. You’ve to take the leap of acceptance for your peace of mind and focus on positivity.

4. Deep breathing: One of the best ways to focus is to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling pattern. Take long, deep breaths and focus on your lungs and diaphragm. This is a very responsive method to quickly feel at peace.

5. Be true to yourself: The moment you’re true to your introspective being, you’ll detach all the cluttered thoughts that didn’t allow you to focus on positive thinking. The moment you step out of your own denials, you will be able to find your peace.

6. Recheck your checklist: Sometimes, your mind is blocked with the things that might seem right but in reality they aren’t. It’s wise to recheck the track of your life, quality of your relationships, comfort in your job, and so on. It’s okay to make some changes and adjustments to get your life back to focus.

7. Live in the moment: Whether it’s your past or your future, nothing is in your hands. All what you’ve is now! Focus on your present and de-stress yourself from the thoughts of the uncontrollable times.

8. Filter your thoughts: We probably have somewhere between 30,000 – 75,000 thoughts per day out of which 80% are useless or non-essential. Learn to filter out those thoughts; your mind will be automatically at peace.

9. Resist guilt: It’s a negative emotion and it will definitely clog your mind with unnecessary burden. With any negativity or heaviness on your heart, you won’t be at peace.

10. Let it go: Whatever is holding you back from not having your peace of mind just let it go. No matter how important it is, for once, LET IT GO.

Having focus for your peace of mind is all about staying positive and having the right motivation to stay positive. I hope this helps you to find your way to happiness and peace.

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