• Darpanraj Deoghare

Some Tips for your mental Health as “YOU” are the Most Important Person of your Life.

Mental health is one of the topics which is often brushed under the carpet or discussed in hushed tones. As per figures of Year 2017, 197.3 million people that is one in seven were suffering from various mental disorders in India. According to the experts, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the Pandora’s box & has seriously aggravated the issue.

In stark contrast, the number of mental health professionals in India only adds up to 9,000 (0.75 per lakh population) and we only have 56,600 psychiatric beds for 135 crore people.

This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is ‘mental health in an unequal world’.

So here, we share some general Q & A to be aware of our own Mental Health on the occasion of World Mental Health Day observed on October 10.

1.‘Are you addicted to devices?’

A: - If you are having purposeless social media/digital interfaces. The you are surely addicted to devices or on a way of it.

I think the right approach is, take regular digital breaks, take a stroll, talk to family, and indulge in mindful activities. Switch off your mobile phone at least one hour before going to the bed and don’t be in a hurry to switch it on. The world is going to be where you left it.

2. A lot of working professionals are anxious to go back to the office to work. Are you One of them?’

A: - It’s human nature that any transition can bring a little bit of anxiety in us.

Pre- COVID wanted many of us to have more time for family and less commuting time.

COVID bored us and wanted us to step out of homes.

Post-COVID has worried us again.

The key is to ensure your rhythm and routine are not impacted when you’re going through these thoughts. Secondly, keep socializing with your colleagues and friends as this will help you realize we are all in the same boat. It is also important to take time out for your hobbies, spend time with your families, and indulge in creativity, physical activities like yoga and pranayama. In the end a joyful you, is the need of the hour.

3. How to deal with so much of uncertainty?

A: - Life has always been uncertain. We plan but how do you plan? You focus on today and tomorrow. You focus on what is the achievable immediate goal. You have a distant mark of where you want to be which can be a guiding force. That’s what has always been the case. In the pandemic era, we experienced uncertainty at a whole different level. I feel all of us need to have ‘here and now’ focus. Have a brilliant today and then let’s go to tomorrow and have a great tomorrow. Add these todays and a distant tomorrow will be nice.

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