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Song Fiction - Tune Jo Na Kaha

Tune Jo Na Kaha is a symphony in Mohit Chauhan's sensational voice that explains the dilemma of a broken heart, lost paths and unrequited love. It shows how our world turns upside down the moment we're asked to leave the one we wanted to hold on forever.

//Tune jo na kaha, Main woh sunta raha

Khamakha bewajah khwaab bunta raha//

Love that we have in our heart for our special one stays for a long long time. Even when gone, our heart beats constantly remind us of our existence. We do not want to, but have to imagine a life without them. Their love, their solicitude, their affection goes with them but what stays is their presence. Even in this chaotic world, busy streets and noisy roads, it's their silence that soothes our ears the most.

//Ab na pehle si baatein hain

Bolo to lab thar tharatein hain

Raaz yeh dil ka, Na ho bayaan//

You see them walking hand in hand, fingers intertwined in love with somebody else, it breaks your heart into a million pieces yet you stay there, smiling and letting tears fall off your eyes. The arms that once comforted you have now found joy in supporting someone else's. You wait for a moment when you can confront them and ask them to take you back, but all you end up is smiling in disbelief and wishing them the happiness you wish they had given you!

//Haal tera na hum sa hain

Is khushi mein kyun gham sa hai,

Basne laga kyun phir woh jahan

Woh jahan durr jisse gaye the nikal//

Your eyes aren't ready to accept how he/she seems happy without you. You obscure your tears with a grin while the mundane corner of your heart still finds a reason to be happy. You cross their street, their home, your place of love- places that once gave you innumerable reasons to be happy, now stand their like a barren land. You don't know why, but these places make a tinge surge throughout your body and you still believe that your abandoned love shall find it's way back to their heart!

//Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar

Is shehar mein na apna thikana raha//

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