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Bollywood has been hopelessly romantic and extravagantly action. And amid that comes out some meaningful relationships that we desire to be existent in our lives. During this lockdown, I realized that how social life and relationships are important and to a certain extent, Bollywood inspired me to have or be ‘someone’ like that character.

1. Gunjan Saxena (2020): Anup (father of Gunjan) always motivated his daughter achieve the dreams she saw from her childhood. He made the aspirations of his daughter as his own. Gunjan could give up on the choices she had in life but her father – ‘never’. From exercising with her to explaining her importance of career over marriage, he did it all to make Gunjan the person she is.

2. Super 30 (2019): The students of Anand Kumar did everything to save their teacher from the attacks he faced for opening his own academy to teach the poor children. His knowledge and dedication towards the children never failed him. He took a decision for humanity and it had it repercussions but also, it offered him honesty and reliability.

3. Badhaai Ho (2018): Parents are always expected to live by certain rules and regulations but the taboo had been broken by Nakul and Gullar who accepted his pregnant mother after a lot of dilemmas. Comically, the journey unfolds that how parents need their children to support if children need their parents.

4. Begum Jaan (2017): Begum Jaan and other prostitutes refused to leave their brothel that was burnt alive in front of them. They could start a new life but they belonged to a place and considered it as their part of individuality. They allowed their individuality to be burnt than being abandoned.

5. Cocktail (2012): Veronica offers her place to Meera when she’s disowned by her husband. She builds a beautiful bond of friendship and never considers indebted to her. There’s a scene when Meera offers to do all the household chores where she simply said, that you aren’t liable to me just because I offered you my apartment to stay. So, I appreciate the ‘no expectations’ friendship offered by Veronica.

6. Wake Up Sid (2009): Aisha had a sense of discipline and she always valued her independence. She had been strongly opinionated about her beliefs and she always stuck to it; whether it comes to down to the cleanliness of her home or her feelings for Sid. Though, she wasn’t too good in expressing but she had an innocent heart that could be loved for an eternity.

7. 3 Idiots (2009): Raju had committed suicide but he was never judged by his friends – Rancho, Farhan, and Pia. He was supported and taken care of. Their bond described the true meaning of friendship – standing up for each other in times of demise and making the best memories of happiness even in those moments.

8. Jab We Met (2007): Geet had a beautiful relationship with herself. She knew the importance of her decisions in life. She didn’t wish to blame anyone for the life she lived. So, she always lived up to what her heart said. She teaches how to love oneself without any second thoughts.

9. Kal Ho Na Ho (2003): Rohit knew everything about the love of Aman and Naina yet, he stuck by Naina. He believed that he was never a part of this love story by eventually realized that Naina will always need his support after Aman left. He kept his unconditional love alive and offered all the love and friendship he could - to for the person he loved and fulfilled the last wish of his friend Aman.

Which is the favorite relationship you found in Bollywood that you fantasize to happen in real life? Do share your views.

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