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Revenge of Honour For the sake of martyrdom of 19 jawans who were cowardly killed by tyrant attack of LeT terrorists.

Aditya Dhar has managed to deliver a good patriotic movie in his debut directorship. URI, The Surgical Strike, is a complete blend of josh, patriotism, and dauntlessness. The movie is bifurcated into five chapters that elaborate the journey of Indian Army that how they executed their plan to respond back to the deadliest attack on Indian security forces in Kashmir.

The story revolves around Major Vihaan Shergill (Vicky Kaushal) who happens to be the leader of all the attack strategies that had been successfully executed in the mission of The Surgical Strike. The story portrayed; is a winner in itself as it projects that chauvinism for one’s own country comes at the utmost priority. This movie was apt enough to deeply bury inside your heart and lash out the emotions of patriotism. For me, it gave goose bumps after every five minutes and made me sit erect till the movie didn’t end. It nonetheless makes your spirits higher and increases your adoration and respect towards the Indian Army. Sincerely, I don’t want to let the dialogue slip from my memory by Vicky Kaushal which made its best to prompt a feeling of nationalism in me: “How’s the josh?” and it was replied by “High, sir” from the boys. Another plus point that the story had was the perfect balance between action and strategy.

Vicky Kaushal played the role Major Vihaan Shergill as a dedicated soul as his body language and commitment excelled his portrayal. Paresh Rawal acted as Ajit Doval, the major strategic candidate behind the operation and he projected his part convincingly. Rajit Kapur, Mohit Raina, Yami Gautam and Kirti Kulhari were the major part of the mission and their enacted roles casted a well developed movie.

Movies like this is a reminder for all those people that no matter how many warfare or coward enemies come our way, our Indian Intelligence and Armed forces are there to abide by their oaths and henceforth protect us. Nation chauvinistic feelings are still present to fence our nation and rip the souls and bodies of our enemies.

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