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- 46 Synonyms of Utopia

Synonyms of Utopia used in Poetry: Zion, Sion, Paradise, Garden of Eden, The land of milk and honey, Camelot, Seventh heaven, Elysium, Never never land, Cloud nine, Bliss, Wonderland, Shangri-La, New Jerusalem, Land of the Leal, City of God, Abraham's Bosom, Nirvana, Promised Land, Valhalla, Idyll, Cockayne, Avalon, Happy Valley, Arcadia, Celestial city, Pie in the sky, Dreamland, Fantasyland, Spiritual world, Millennium, Pipe dream, Erewhon, Pearly gates, Land of make-believe, Cloud cuckoo land, Nephelococcygia, Divine abode, Empyrean, La-la land, Happy hunting ground, Greedy glutton, Imaginary place, Quixotic ideal, Xanadu, & Kingdom

My majestic desires since, a millennium is

to had,

My idyll in your arms, which are like pearly gates,

And, I can have my divine abode to the city of Gods,

My zion/wonderland/fantasyland/dreamland(whatever you say)- all belongs to your arms.

I was descending through the happy valley,

A Bunyan's pilgrim of the spiritual world finding his celestial city,

Walking through the deserted promised land,

Where I could construct my Cockayne.

On the imaginary land of Erewhon,

I had my sion, which is more of an empyrean la-la land,

My greedy glutton to convert this paradise into a happy hunting ground,

My pipe dream- you resting on my chest and I will reach cloud nine.

A state of pure bliss, when I will welcome you in my never-never land kingdom,

Your magnificent beauty will fade this Xanadu,

All the creatures will achieve a state of nirvana,

Our land of the milk(me) and honey(you) just turned into a Shangri-La.

We can find our Abraham's bosom,

In the Camelot, situated on the island of Avalon,

We can establish a new Jerusalem,

On the land of the leal, besides the garden of Eden.

This is a land of make-believe,

Established on the dead remains of the one with quixotic ideal,

I am the God Odin, you are the queen of Asgard-Frigg,

My warriors will bleed for us, they are living in Valhalla.

I breathe poetry,

My cloud cuckoo land is an Arcadia,

Being a nephelococcygia,

I could see a pie in the sky.

Your presence in my life,

Will help me reach seventh heaven,

I could peacefully abode to Elysium,

Else, I would have waited for one more death - yet another millennium.

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