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There are a lot of times when we wonder about the reason of our existence. We wonder what the ultimate goal of our living is. We stress about the destination; the goal of our life. Why do you think we introspect and make a big deal out of it?

Do you remember the ‘Water Cycle’ we studied in our Environmental Studies lessons? Water has to go through many stages and comes back to life in many forms. It has a journey within the earth and atmosphere. Where do we find most of the water? Oceans. Let’s start from there. The Sun heats the water and it evaporates as vapor in air. The vapor rises into the atmosphere where there are cooler temperatures that lead to formation of clouds. The water comes back to Earth in the form of water or snow. The water goes back to rivers, lakes, oceans, plants, and so on.

Reference: Generation Genius

There’s a complete cycle to its life and it happens to come back from where it started. I want to ask you a question? Do you think that would water ever question about its reason for existence? What is its goal? What greater good it has to bring? No! It just does it work. It never questions and standstills waiting for the ‘right answers’ or ‘right moment’ to decide its authenticity. And, today, we know the importance of water in our lives and there wasn’t any marketing strategy attached to it.

The idea of this example was to bring light on the importance of what you do. Not for what you do! The time we invest in to find out goals, we should ravel our journey and learn to understand the concept of smaller milestones coming our way. Your vision should be to lead your journey and not to define it. It’s said, “Don't run behind success. Run behind something called excellence. Eventually, success will come running behind you" and that excellence is derived out of the practise of your act, duty, and responsibility towards your everyday life or work.

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