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Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil girl, a dharma production movie, directed by Sharan Sharma with a star cast of Pankaj Tripathi, Jahanvi Kapoor, and Angad Bedi. It was released on 12 August 2020 on Netflix. The movie reflects the journey of a former flight lieutenant Gunjan Saxena who dreamt of being a pilot and how her dream touched reality. She entered in the Kargil war zone flying cheetah helicopter. The IMDB rating of the movie is 5.2/10.

Though the movie got applauded but it also fell in the controversial zone when, Indian Air Force drafted a letter to Dharma productions, Netflix and the central board of film certification claiming that the portrayal of IAF in the movie has been shown negatively, a contemporary women officer and a colleague of Gunjan Saxena wrote in her letter which was published in a news report that,” Creative license is one thing but when you deal with institutions, you cannot change facts, elaborate and fantasize, if you must. But don’t peddle lies.” She said, on the grounds as no role of the co-pilots with Gunjan Saxena was shown in the movie.

Retd. Flight lieutenant Sreevidya Rajan was also quoted saying, “In the climax of the heroic act of Gunjan Saxena, it never happened in real and it was done on a cinematic license”, she included that she was the one who reached to Srinagar before Gunjan Saxena but the movie didn’t portray any co-women pilot. And the air force has remained silent on this whole issue.

Gunjan Saxena in her interview with NDTV stated that she is more of an iron lady as portrayed in the film. On the issue of gender discrimination, she explained that “IAF is a reputed organization and there was no discrimination at all, but everybody didn’t accept the environment easily.” She further explained that “She and Sharan Sharma (director) never intend to disrespect the IAF, and there was a lot of achievement which was never portrayed in the film. The movie concerns the little achievements, dreams of her life, and whatever she attained is from IAF.” She concluded her side saying that the rest she will leave on the viewer’s good judgment and fine wisdom.

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