• Nandini Goel


Updated: Feb 6

People are moody and they may have different behaviors and thought processes at different times. But this can’t be a reason behind your change of behavior. You need to learn the difference between how you’ve to deal people and their changing behavior. You need to understand and analyze your behavior and make it stable. Don’t change your attitude just because it’s being unlikeable by others. Don’t be influenced or manipulated too quickly with the points which have no logic in long run.

People will be illogical and have pointless arguments to berate you and snub you off. They will be unreasonable and will get on your nerves with their behavior. There are hundred possibilities that a person is with you for their self-centered motives. But this doesn’t mean that you will shape yourself as a replica of them because you’re much better and definitely have some wonderful things to do in life. You know the value of your authenticity and the genuineness of the individuals who actually care.

But there’s always a thing called self-esteem. You want to show and express you’re good and that good should be done to you. You want to be treated well but you always fall in the pitfall of misunderstandings. This hurts. Our behavior changes and people affect us. You wish to express and prove to the whole world that actually there is actually something special in you.

There are times when you selflessly do something for a person out of your love and concern and but they fail to realize your genuine efforts and start taking you for granted. But you know how loyal you’ve been! So, you needn’t have to regret for what good you did and over think about where you lacked of their behavior towards you. Instead, always appreciate the positive and caring attitude you carry and face the criticism you can face with a smile.

You need to accept that whatever good you have done to others is not necessarily appreciated and remembered. But philosophically speaking, though it may sound clichéd, but it’s a matter of fact that the work you did is immortal and will anyways shell out one day and become an ornate path to walk on; for someone, someday. Never cease doing good to others because it’s something that will always give you peace than negativity. Pure souls are underrated but are definitely sublime and indispensable.

Celebrate your relationships and give them the best out of you, no matter others do the same or not. Your expression love and care should never change.

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