• Nandini Goel


Updated: May 17

Many a times, I came across these questions which I somehow feel connects to each other.

“How could I enter into a relationship? I’m afraid. What if this one does the same like he/she did? I will be broken and I won’t be able to revive again.”

“I moved on but this doesn’t mean I need to enter a relationship and prove it. Does entering into a relationship solve a problem? No, it might expand.”

“Moving on is being happy without that person. I can show that very well. Self-love can solve can everything.”

Some of them are positive statements, indeed! But I believe, moving on is being open to every circumstance that you may encounter. You will allow the things to happen in a flow. The only difference would be; now, you will be a developed and mature person who knows what is right and what is not and accordingly let the things take place in your life which means to not to lock down yourself in a cocoon.

Point 1: Are you afraid of having new friendships? Are you afraid of talking to a new person? Or if you end up talking to one person, do you change your change your terms with the other? The answer is no. This is because you know that every person is not the same. Their behavioral patterns differ and that is why you build distinct connections with different people. You have different comfort zones with diverse people and it’s never possible that you’ll always like particular kind of people. You’ll like the people who will be able to create a vibe with you, no matter you may have contrasting likes, opinions and so on. All you need to imbibe is that you can’t compare people, relationships and vibes. There’s always new to explore and that’s always a refreshing chapter of life.

Point 2: You’ve moved on, so you really don’t need to think that whether you’ve to enter a relationship or not. You can be at peace with what you’re having in your life. You can rejoice about the fact that you’re free from the one with whom you couldn’t have settled in near future.

You should always be open to what’s coming and going in your life. You can never stop someone to stay back if he/she is unwilling. Similarly, you shouldn’t stop someone to enter your life if he/she can create a deep and emotional bond with you.

Point 3: When you’ve moved on, you really don’t care that what that person thinks about you. You shouldn’t even care that whether he/she is noticing you. The relationship had ended, and similarly the connection has! You need to come out of that care, feel and affection by each other’s response.

No doubt, self love is the cure to every distraction caused by another being in your life but if we see its other side, it also means allowing love for yourself. This might be from external forces. Your love to yourself is priority, and allowing extra love to it is an addition. Never hinder yourself from receiving that love.

Remember, you haven’t yet moved on if you’re still stuck to your fears or what he/she or people will think. You have moved on when you start accepting your wants and initiate fulfilling them. Love and allow love.

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