• Nandini Goel


Have you observed butterflies? Yes, the ones who fly in sky, drink sweet nectar from the flowers, and feel free with their wings. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have struggles. They have to bear a lot and rise above them. For example, their struggles include kites, climate change, pesticides, insects, spiders, and its other predators. She has to constantly protect herself from the harm of a predictable death.

When a butterfly is in its egg, no one even observes its existence. No enemy thinks of attacking it at that stage of its life cycle but at that time it’s not free. It is enclosed in a shell, helpless and unknown. It cannot move out until it gets to the right stage of its life. It has to wait from an egg to a caterpillar to a pupa and then finally a butterfly. And when it is ready to see the beautiful world and fly freely in the sky, it has to get out from its most secured home.

And, that is the rule to life. Humans are no different. If a human doesn’t step out of the limitations of laziness, procrastination, and security at the right stage of his life so he can definitely live but will never understand the meaning to live and how to live. Because if someone has to do something big in life, achieve the best in the world, reach greater heights, so for that one has to come out of your safest home – your comfort zone. You’ve to LET GO your easiness and comfort. It’s only then you can step towards success. And only then, you can fly alike the butterflies in the sky.

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